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Ghanaian Star Stonebwoy Shines a Light on ‘Black People’ With Poignant Billboard Live At-Home



Stonebwoy | Billboard Live At-Home | Fundraiser for My Friend's Place

It's Stonebwoy 🇬🇭📍 and I’m teaming up with Billboard to raise money forMy Friend's Place with a Billboard Live At-Home performance! ️🏡 Watch now and drop your questions, requests and donations below!

Posted by Billboard on Monday, June 1, 2020

GREATER ACCRA – Monday, June 1, 2020/Burniton Music Group – BMG/ – Ghanaian Afropop singer Stonebwoy addressed both pandemics plaguing the world, coronavirus and racism, during his poignant Billboard Live At-Home performance Monday (June 1) that raised money for My Friend’s Place, which supports the homeless youth.

Performing from Ghana’s capital of Accra with his DJ, Stonebwoy (real name Livingstone Etse Satekla) started off his set with none other than “Black People,” a painful and incredibly timely testament to feeling lost in the world that doesn’t want to acknowledge him as a Black man, let alone respect him. Although not directly naming George Floyd, the Black man who was murdered in Minnesota last week at the hands of four white police officers, Stonebwoy took the time to honor the protests against racism that have sprung up throughout America’s major cities in Floyd’s memory.

“The world’s in serious times right now, we see what’s going with the world from coronavirus straight to the brutality and all these things that is happening,” he said. “We stand against racism in any case.”

The 32-year-old singer wailed over the reggae beat for “Black People,” “I’m losing myself/ As a Black man inna this world/ I’m losing my identity/ Inna the society/ I’m losing myself.”

Stonebwoy supplemented his testament to making people like him feel seen with enjoying being alive, which is what his song “La Gba Gbe” (from his 2020 album Anloga Junction) translates to in his native tongue of Ewe. As if Stonebwoy’s performance couldn’t get to the heart of the matter even better, he closed it with “Strength & Hope,” a mantra for those mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically dejected for whom he calls upon God as the source of such positivity by proclaiming “Jah Jah,” the Rastafarian term for God.

Find strength and hope by Stonebwoy’s entire Billboard Live At-Home performance below, and donate to My Friend’s Place here.

– Heran Mamo/


Social Media users, and Music Lovers Crown Stonebwoy winner of Asaase Sound Clash



Ever since the whole Asaase Radio created a battle platform wave kicked off, bringing a much-needed spark of joy and excitement to the dreadful pandemic grind, those of us who love and respect dancehall music and Ghanaian sound system culture have been asking ourselves when (if ever) the world would finally recognize that this whole digital sensation was based on the concept of sound clash.

Considering the fact that, Africa systems culture, Ghana as a matter of fact, pioneered the sort of “beat battles” have made the lyrical clash a social media sensation over two decades ago, the creative decision was absolutely more than fitting. By pitting two icons of the genre, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, in head-to-head competition, the maiden edition of “Asaase Sound Clash” did not just showcase two of its most respected lyricists ever to hold a microphone, it also tapped into an epic rivalry that stretches back more than a a decade ago.

When Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale came through Asaase FM days before the performance, they both declared that they would not be preparing for the battle as the art of war should be spontaneous. This has had people on tender hooks as no one really knows what would happen on the night. But of course all celebrities were out in full force for this highly anticipated battle.

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, fans were able to enjoy a “Verzuz-like” battle between reggae and dance-hall greats Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, who decided to switch things up by trading songs from within the same room. Together, the Ghanaian giants were able to perform their biggest classics in front of hundreds of indoor fans and about thousands social media users, all with their cultural flag behind him mid-performance.

Arguably the most exciting and spontaneous edition of Ghana’s version of the “Verzuz” battle, the Stone and Shatta battle was not a “clash” in the traditional Jamaican or Reggae/Ragga a& Dance-hall sense, but it was hardly a conventional beat battle either. The clash, in true ‘yaad’ fashion ran slightly off-schedule according to the anxious social media butterflies and invited guests who sat listening to the mixing styles of the host, Sean B.

Shatta Wale started his set with tracks like Kill Dem With Prayers, Aye Halfcast, Only One Man, Ayoo, Ice Cream, Star Boy, Stinky Mouth, Shatta City, Gringo, Dancehall King.

The proclaimed King of the Dancehall set example by making a punctual appearance clothed in the apparel portraying the orientation of the culture. Africa’s most revered reggae/ragga & dance-hall icon with international presence and reputation first set of tracks in response to Shatta’s set included Blaze Dem (a new song recorded purposely for the clash), Hero, No Sir, Sapashini, Shell Dem, Wicked (featuring Gappy Ranks), Top Skanka, Pepper Dem, People Dey, Name, Pull Up, Something Wicked others.

The chemistry and more importantly the harmony between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale made it an entertaining show which will be recorded in the history books. With over 30 songs played and performed out of the dancehall deejays’ catalogues combined, the result of the Maiden Asaase Sound Clash battle is still being weighed in the balance.

However, on the morning after the much anticipated dancehall clash between Stonebwoy and shatta wale, social media users have taken to twitter to declare Stonebwoy the winner of the clash. Stonebwoy is trending both at number one and number 2 on twitter with some social media users mocking shatta wale for leaving the stage just before the freestyle battle session which they claim was a clear indication of throwing in the towel.

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Stonebwoy takes an unprecedented lead in the “Asaase Sound Clash” poll



In the final buildup stage to the much anticipated lyrical clash between Ghana’s biggest music export, Stonebwoy and Dance-hall artiste, Shatta Wale, the former has taken an unprecented lead in the poll against the latter ahead of the Asaase Sound Clash with over six (6) thousand votes count. Earlier, 69, 589 votes were counted, with Stonebwoy leading Shatta Wale with a margin of 11, 325 votes.

As at now, a total of 91, 973 votes have been collated, with Stonebwoy currently being able to accumulate 49, 017 while Shatta Wal has 42, 956, thus far setting the difference to 6,061. You keep the votes counting up for Stonebwoy via the short code – *800*995*2#

Both Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale, for the first time after news broke out about “Asaase Sound Clash” sat close with a ‘Face Off’ to officially agree before the media at a press soiree to push for the Dancehall Confrontation which is meant to champion the fight against COVID-19, the global pandemic. The underlying theme “#Clash2CrushCOVID” was powered by the Radio Station with support from the Health Ministry, Ghana Tourist Authority and other affiliates.

Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale hold a crazy cult following from Ghana and beyond, thus, they were chosen as frontliners for the project. Watch the full version of the press encounter and ‘Face Off’ here.

The event promises to be interesting if their demeanor during the launch is anything to go by. The two artistes stepped forward to face each other and, in a friendly way, started issuing “threats” to each other. Stonebwoy said he will end Shatta Wale’s career for the second time while the Ayoo hitmaker replied saying he is ready to face the Bhim president and he will take him down.

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Stonebwoy to host “Joy Business” Masterclass on Joy 99.7fm — July 15, 2020



GREATER ACCRA – July 15, 2020/Burniton Music Group – BMG/ – It is said that you are only considered to have failed when you stop trying; hence, even in the face of occupational adversity, there’s the need to diversify talent and income streams.

This Wednesday on your favourite business development programme, Masterclass; join Yaw Barnafo and one of Ghana’s biggest music export, Livingstone Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy, in a discussion about his entrepreneurial pursuits beyond music and his quest to equip other entrepreneurs with the needed skill set to enhance their business.

Masterclass begins at exactly 1:15pm on your superstation, Joy 99.7 FM and will also be live on Facebook via the Joy 99.7 FM and JoyBusiness pages. You can also tweet at us using #JBMasterclass. Don’t miss!

(Source: Sarah Djosu)

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